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Your medical history:
Before we do any treatment on you we will conduct a full medical assessment including a detailed case history; orthopaedic, neurological and any relevant clinical assessments. If at any point it is deemed that you may need further tests such as xrays or MRIs or an assessment by your GP, you will be referred to the appropriate professional.
Detailed postural assessments
We carry out detailed postural assessments by looking at your posture, testing the strength and flexibility of specific muscles or joints and finding areas which are tight or sensitive to touch or movement. When we have done this, we will explain to you in language that you understand what we believe your diagnosis is and give you an honest opinion of your treatment options, whether we think you will benefit from treatment and approximately how long we expect it to take.
We use a wide range of gentle techniques such as stretches, soft tissue massage and joint mobilisations and manipulations as well as giving you tailored rehabilitative and injury management advice. Treatment is different for every patient and tailored to their unique needs, age, and fitness. Some treatments may cause a little local discomfort at the time for the next 24
hrs but this is a normal and healthy response to treatment. Sometimes when we manipulate joints they click. This noise is just air in the joint capsule and a normal response to a joint being moved. You may have already experienced this sensation if you crack your knuckles. We aim to keep your appointments to a minimum and do not promote reliance on treatment. Therefore we ensure all patients receive rehabilitation exercises and take the time during your consultations and through our online resources to ensure that you understand how to perform these exercises.
See our PILATES THERAPY page for details of our pilates classes which may assist your recovery and prevent further injuries
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