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Sciatica – a crippling, shooting pain or intense aching in the leg – is something we see on a weekly basis at BACK at EASE Osteopathy in Towcester and Silverstone.

Sciatica can have different causes, including spinal disc or joint problems. Even deep gluteal muscle spasms can irritate the nerve. Each cause is treated differently, so the key to successful pain relief is getting an accurate diagnosis. At BACK at EASE, we find most sciatica episodes pass in 6-8 weeks, especially when you know what to do about it.

Here are some great tips to try yourself:

  • Keep moving. Be active for 20 minutes of every hour. Walking is fine and can be split into 5 minute sessions if needed. This helps to stop muscle weakness.
  • Lying down frequently throughout the day can really help (try side-lying with a pillow between your knees or on your stomach with 3 pillows under your tummy).
  • Sit right: Backside to the back of the chair. Slouching can aggravate things, so minimise prolonged sitting and put a pillow behind your lower back.

This is generalised advice. Please call 07880 750 258 for further advice and remember any persistent pain needs assessing. Any saddle numbness, loss of bladder or bowel control needs urgent medical review.

Susie Burgess, Osteopath at BACK at EASE, Towcester.