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Helping people with Spinal care in the form of helping back and neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, arthritis in the spine, degenerative disc disease and many other sub types of back pain are things we are expert in and passionate about here at BACK at EASE clinic in Towcester, Northants. We help people out of pain and empower them to both understand what’s going on so they stop unintentionally making things worse and help themselves with simple exercises (with rehab emailed videos and instructions don’t worry you don’t have to guess the stick man exercise!). All of which means our care is in line with both the latest NICE guidelines for management of neck and back pain and good sense because it keeps appointments to a minimum when patients are able to build on improvements in between appointments. For example, last week we discharged a lady who had had sciatica for 5 months before she came to see us and got fed up of waiting for her NHS physio appointment to come through so booked in. 5 appointments over 9 weeks (no twice a week for 6 weeks here!) and she left us pain free, with tools and exercises to keep herself pain free and as she put it she felt like she’d learned skills for life whilst she was with us. Absolutely what we champion as a company. We are passionate about helping you feel BACK at EASE and confident to move again. If you need hand please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help or have a look at our fabulous facebook reviews from real patients on our facebook page  

Expert back and neck pain care