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Great to hear the F1 World champion got some help from his Osteopath to get out of Back pain.  He’s certainly done well this year retaining his championship title hasn’t he. Huge congratulations Lewis!  Being in Towcester near Silverstone, we frequently see team members from the various local F1 and other racing teams and it’s always a pleasure to work with them.  Interestingly as engineers, they really seem to get on board with their self care once we’ve given clear explanations of what’s causing their pain, the biomechanics of how their joints and muscles work around that area involved and how we can work together to sort things out and this is something we focus on with all of our patients. We listen carefully, assess and take time to explain to you what’s going on. He’s right too, Osteopaths do a thorough examination so we get to the root of the problem and we’re specialists in helping our patients get better as soon as possible.  I genuinely think the most important skill we at BACK at EASE have is our drive to help patients understand what’s going on and empowering them to help themselves. We wont get you back 3 times a week for 10 weeks,  we do hands on treatment to help calm it down- usually once a week for a few weeks and straight away give you tips and exercises to help maintain improvements between appointments and spread care out through the duration of your healing time so you’re supported and effectively treated, but not broke! On average we see people 3-4 times for most injuries, sometimes more for chronic or multifactorial issues but always with a view to enabling self care not dependency on us.  So if you’re struggling with pain, waiting for an NHS referral or have been told you just have to put up with pain… please get in touch.  If you can understand it, you can help yourself and get back to doing what you love. Whether that’s throwing an F1 one car around a track at near warp speed, or simply picking the children up from school and feeling confident about moving freely through your day.  You can even see diary availability here via this link so please do get in touch if you need a hand.

Quote from Lewis Hamilton to BBC about help from an Osteopath for back pain