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Scared getting fit may wake up an old back pain or injury??? You’re not alone. But if pain or a previous injury stopping you getting started with that fitness plan for 2020- it really doesn’t have to. I’m Susie an Osteopath here at BACK at EASE and every week we see patients who come to see us for help with pain. A common thing people say to me is “I can’t run/garden/lift weights because of my “x”. You can imagine their relief then when I explain it is really, really rare that we would not be able to get them back to what they love once we’ve done some careful examination of what’s actually going on; done some gentle treatment and come together to make a plan to move forwards.
None of us want to be stuck doing the minimum just in case it gets worse and of course a sedentary lifestyle can cause it’s own aches and pain, loss of muscle tone and balance; let alone increased diabetes, heart disease and circulatory problems. If you think you need a bit of confidence to get going and fear of pain being there or returning is stopping you, get in touch and we’d love to help you regain the confidence to get out there and use your body in whatever way you wish, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. You’re welcome to call for a discussion first to check if it is something we can help with and we’ll always give honest expert advice to help you move forward.

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