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When injuries happen is sometimes bad luck, if you slip or catch yourself awkwardly but many times it is simply a build up of strain with “too much too soon” for a specific body part.  So it makes sense that gradually introducing things is a really great way to stay injury free.  Many patients we see are training for an event or have had a recent change in their life circumstances and therefore the load they put on their bodies  This could be new job with long car journey so 2 hours more driving than usual just as much as training for a half marathon or the joyful but exhausting demands of looking after a grandchild or newborn; it’s all new loading our bodies in a different way and this is when issues can occur.  Back pain, neck pain, shoulder, knee and ankle pain… all start somewhere and sometimes it’s when the load we put on an area is just too much so it’s sensible to look at how you’re moving to prevent injury.  The good news is our bodies are master adaptors.  Muscles, tendons and joints and even your spinal discs get stronger and healthier with loading and strengthen according to the forces introduced when running over time. BUT…. this takes time and for exercising like running, we often see the strength gains needed might take you to build up your aerobic strength (12 weeks apx) so it’s best to gradually phase in rather than have to back off due to injury.  If you’ve got goals to run or have niggles having started after a recent change in activity, please do get in touch.  We’ll support and empower you all the way. It’s a great, free, healthy form of exercises- and walk running is a fabulous part of a sensible progression to allow your tissues time to adapt.   Give us a call on 07880 750 258 or book in online to get started on your recovery.

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