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Sooo this week in our Osteopathy clinic we’ve helped people with….Back pain, shoulder pain (yup 2nd most common thing this week!), neck pain, trapped nerves in the leg (sciatica), trapped nerve in the neck (causes horrible arm and shoulder blade pain), ankle injuries, rib pain, headaches coming from the upper neck at the base of the skull and grumpy arthritic knee pain.  All sore and stopping people enjoy the sunshine but all understood better now having us explained what’s going on and what they can do to help themselves and improved with a little gentle hands on treatment and our much happier patients are now on their way out of pain.. We love our job. Being an Osteopath and helping people feel better and teaching them simple tricks to help themselves is immensely rewarding. 🙂 Pain is common in our daily lives but if you find out what’s causing it, we can usually get rid of it and help you understand how to prevent it again:) I’ve got some slots next week at the moment. If you need a hand before summer hols really starts, please do get in touch🙂 In our osteopathy clinic we treat a range of joint, muscular and nerve pain. and we’ll be happy to help you in our osteopathy clinic.