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Great resource if you want to get your geek on about the science of pain in bite size chunks. It’s a huge topic but have lots of empowering videos, dispelling common pain myths and explaining the up to date science of what we know happens to people in pain in ways which help you to understand and therefore rebuild out of it. There are lots there, so have a look and we use which ever one most applicable to the patient’s story usually, whether that’s an old disc injury they’re terrified of or widespread baffling pain.
One great VIDEO on there is about “slipped discs”. Lots of patients understandably still refer to disc injury as a “slipped” disc and we totally understand that. It’s a term many are familiar with. The issue Dr Lorimer Moseley who is a world leader in pain research has is the word “slip” is it infers that things in there are precarious, which they’re actually not. It’s super painful and feels horrible and we help patients with these every week, but the actual injury is usually reversible the vast percentage of the time which is great and important to know. Yes sometimes it does need surgery, but that’s a minority of the time and we are will work with you to check on things constantly and we’ll always send you back to your GP if we’re concerned or things aren’t improving.
We’ve seen lots of fabulous success stories over our 9 years running BACK at EASE Osteopathy and Pilates Therapy with patients breaking Guinness world records cycling the length of the country or successfully competing in crossfit (weight lifting) games after recovering from severe pain with evidence informed treatment and recovery rehabilitation programs. Our bodies are flipping fabulous and we witness every week all sorts of amazing human achievements and it’s always pleasure to be part of your journey.
Shout if you need a hand or if you’ve got any questions, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you build confidence back up and get moving again, just as the science tells us is possible. 🙂 You call us on 07880750258 or see if we have an appointment slot that suits you to come and discuss your case in person and start getting sorted. #backpainnerds #empoweringpatients #discprolapse #osteopath